You can count on these counting activities to help prevent the summer slide! Kids will learn their 1, 2, 3's and their 5, 10, 15's with these engaging worksheets and activities.

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Missing Numbers: Counting Bee

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Kids find the missing numbers to complete the honeycomb number grid. This first grade math worksheet helps kids practice counting whole numbers to 100.

Fish Estimation

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Kids visually estimate the number of fish swimming on this worksheet. After making their guess, they check it by counting each fish.

Connect the Dots: Practice Skip Counting by Fives

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Children skip count by fives to connect the dots and discover the hidden picture.

Fourth of July Dot-to-Dot 2

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Give your preschooler learning fun: he'll count to 30 and connect the dots for a fun summer coloring page!

Missing Numbers: At the Pond

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Find the missing numbers at the pond in this Freddy the Frog worksheet. Work with your child to find the even missing numbers in this exercise.

Fill in the Missing Race Car Numbers

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Help your child practice his math skills with this printable worksheet, which will help him with his counting.

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Play Counting Games

Help your child develop counting skills this summer—and even prevent the dreaded summer slide—with online games that combine learning and fun! Brainzy, our imaginative math and reading games for young learners, helps kids practice key math skills with delightful characters, catchy songs, and original stories. Try it free.

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Make a Counting Book

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Create a counting book, in order from 1-30, to help your child figure out a variety of ways of recognizing and representing numbers.

Estimation with Seashells

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This first grade math worksheet helps your child practice estimation, an important skill he will use as he progresses in math, and throughout his life.

Lake Fun!

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Looking for a worksheet to help with your kid's math skills? This printable is all about counting!

Count by Fives

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Kids count by fives to 100 on this first grade math worksheet. Skip counting by fives is one way children can demonstrate the meaning of addition.

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