10 Apps to Prevent the Summer Slide

The summer slide, a term describing the loss of educational skills over vacation, means review come fall. Help your kid stay sharp with this roundup of apps, featuring math, geography, science and reading practice.

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Stack the Countries

Keep kids entertained during a road trip with this fast-paced geography game. Astana is the capital of which country? If kids can come up with the correct answer, Kazakhstan, they’ll earn a country to add to their “stack”—a Tetris-like onscreen tower of animated country shapes. When the stack is high enough to reach the goal line, players earn a country reward.

Match 10 Puzzle

Adding to ten gets a little tricky with this number puzzle app, which challenges little learners to match numbers that equal ten on a number board. This is a quiet game with a simple premise—the longer the string of numbers you line up that equals 10, the more points you earn. Example: 3-0-1-6 earns 3,016 points; 5-5 is worth only 55 points. Both logic and arithmetic skills are required.

Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series

Young Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo inspire kids to reach new heights of brilliance and originality as they tell the story of their friendship. The interactive "appisode" is a story that's stuffed with learning activities. The graphics are stunning, and gameplay is adaptive. Since it grows with each child, there’s less of a chance little learners will tire of this engaging interactive tool.

Amazing Alex

Kick start an early love of physics with Amazing Alex, an addictive puzzle game that kids will love so much, they’ll forget they’re learning. This app starts simple, giving users the very basics: a movable shelf, a ball and a basket. Your kid’s job? To get the ball in the basket once gravity gets going, taking into account the effects of force and motion.

Bobo Explores Light

Dive into the wonderful world of bright, bendable and colorful light with Bobo, the adorable illuminated robot. This innovative app encourages touch and exploration at every turn. Little scientists will be spellbound by Bobo's guidance and glowing graphics. Each slide explores a facet of light science—where it comes from, what it's made of, and how we use it.

Barefood World Atlas

Take a trip around the world with this interactive 3D globe! With just the swipe of a finger you'll travel across colorful continents that are packed full of information and pictures. Observe wildlife and landmarks, hear music and get interesting facts about other cultures and countries around the globe. The stunning animation and carefully curated photos, text, and narration make this app a wonderful experience for kids and adults alike.

I SPY Spooky Mansion

A ghoulish mansion beckons kids from beyond a creaking gate—do you dare enter? I SPY Spooky Mansion sends kids on a hunt around a haunted estate with instructions to find a variety of skeletons, eyeballs, rats and other eerie elements in a series of dusty rooms. But wait—there's a catch! While the game seems pretty self-explanatory, exploring new areas requires that children first solve riddles.

Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game

Pay homage to retro arcade-style games with this addicting space-themed math app. Take off on an intergalactic mission into outer space, solving puzzles and shooting down alien crafts as you fly. Watch out for enemy fire and avoid punching in too many wrong answers; both could lead to a failed mission. Missions are based on four different math operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Nancy Drew: Shadow Ranch HD

Welcome to the mysterious Shadow Ranch, where whispers of a ghost horse scares away business—and Nancy Drew is on the case! This interactive reading app offers young readers the chance to choose their own path, full of interactive surprises at every turn. In the first chapter, voices, spooky music and sound effects pull them into the wild world of cowboys, ghosts and treasure.

World of Goo

In the World of Goo, tiny goo balls are looking for a safe passage through—and it’s up to budding physicists to make it happen! This science-centered puzzle game features a slimy landscape, full of dangers for the poor sludge balls looking for safe passage to oil-slick pipes. Sound easy? It's not; build bridges or towers that are too narrow and the constructions will collapse.

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