Go Back to School in Style: Fashions for Fall

Our picks for every kid's Back to School fashion essentials, from jersey tees to classic prints to bold bags and more!

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Classic Prints

No wardrobe is complete without a collection of classic prints! These versatile patterns can be mixed and matched with almost any color and accessory, making your little fashionista a sure star on her first day back to school.

Casual Cool + Highlights

Does your kid want a fresh style that's as comfy as it is street cool? Look no further than jersey shirts and jeans this fall. Muted gray and black hues go well with the neon highlights that are popping up in stylish looks for all ages.

Girly Touches

Little ladies, listen up! This fall, try taking classic boys' looks and making them your own by adding feminine accents. A silly character shirt in soft colors paired with polka dot jeans and teal sneakers is hip with just enough girly charm.

Bright Colors, Dark Shades

Bold, colorful tees are on again for both boys and girls this year. New colors and prints match perfectly with gray sweaters or black jeans, giving your kid plenty of ways to wow his friends with new outfit combinations.

Dress It Up

There's nothing cuter than a pretty dress in coral lace ... and no outfit easier to plan! Add a timeless sweater and you're all done. For a real pop of runway fashion, add a sparkly pair of shoes in a similar color (but not the same) as the dress. Très chic!

Jersey Time

Score style points with these super-soft and comfy combos. Jersey tees and warm-up bottoms combine to make a dream team of an outfit, especially when paired with a classic letterman-style jacket. Gray slip-on sneakers finish the look for your sporty student.

Character Accessories

Your kid will never be late again with these cool watches! (Well, he might be, but it won't be for lack of knowing the time!) Fun, colorful, and easy-to-read displays featuring your kid's favorite movie or TV characters make these accessories a surefire hit.

Brilliant Bags

A Back to School fashion makeover isn't complete without a bag to complement your kid's style. From pastel accents to preppy prints to jar-top lids, these bags add a playful finishing touch to any outfit and let your little learner carry her stuff in style.

Must-Have Supplies

Your stylish student will love these classroom essentials in colors that pop! From homework to science fair projects, these supplies have you covered. A+!

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