7 Ways to Help Kids Cope With Bullying

Empower a bully victim with these strategies.

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1. Feel Good, Think Good

Children with strong self-esteem feel good about themselves. They do not tolerate bullying, as they refuse to let it get them down. What to do to bolster self-esteem: Reinforce students' strengths. Give children opportunities to feel proud. Encourage students' potential to develop. Catch them being good.

2. Assertiveness Skills to Act On

Passive children can become victims to bullying. A bully stops or moves on when children act assertive. Assertiveness training can help children feel confident, resist peer pressure, and defend against others who are bullied.

3. Social Skills: A Helpful Edge

Social skills competence can help children who are bullied take care of themselves. Social skills look like: Sharing. Taking turns. Being a friend. Controlling emotion. Entering a group. Managing anger.

4. Cooperation - Getting Along With Others

Getting along with other children is an important skill for forming friendships and preventing bullying. Bullies and victims of bullying tend to be less cooperative. Create a cooperative social environment with social learning groups and peer tutoring.

5. A Friend to Lean On

A quality friend can provide a cushion to harassment and prevent victimization. How teachers can help children make friends: Organize a buddy system. Form cooperative learning groups. Have a peer model how to enter a group and maintain a friendship. Discuss how to be a quality friend.

6. Power from Within

Empower children to take control of the situation. Help children understand that they don't have an unchanging character flaw that makes them the target. Rather, they have the power to seek out ways to change and cope. How to develop sense of self: Give children responsibility. Provide opportunities for success. Reflect on students' strengths.

7. Tell an Adult

Telling an adult about bullying can be helpful for children of all ages. Talking about bullying can help children feel that they are not going through it alone. Informing a teacher can be helpful for 5 and 6 year olds. Ignoring the bullying can be more effective for older children.

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