Top 7 Preschool Apps for Little Learners

Preschool is the perfect time to begin exploring learning in a variety of ways. From the playground to the iPad, little learners are taught about everything from the alphabet and sharing to counting and comparing. Check out our picks for the best preschool apps on the market now.

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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Hone a wide range of preschool skills with this jungle-themed app. Bright colors, kid-friendly graphics and recognizable images (such as fruit) help children intuitively understand the rules of the game.

This app teaches almost everything your preschooler will want to work on—shapes, letters, puzzles, counting, colors, matching and more.


Kids in preschool need variety as they're learning, and Brainzy offers engaging and comprehensive games that get kids learning in many different ways. Preschoolers will listen to songs, watch mini-learning videos, and hear read-along story books as they practice math and reading skills with Brainzy.

Challenge your child to learn about letters and numbers alongside some silly and colorful characters in this set of online games for computer and iPad.

Click here to play Brainzy.

123 Color HD: Talking Coloring Book

The classic color-by-number has been given a major makeover for the modern day. Children can color their way to learning with this engaging app that's so much more than just a coloring book.

Select from a variety of themed coloring pages to complete by numbers, uppercase letters or lowercase letters.

Fish School

Friendly fish are waiting to help teach kids some of the basics in new and exciting formations! Basic repetition and picture recognition combined with colorful schools of fish swimming into letters makes learning the ABC's fun for your tiny tot.

Work on shape recognition as well as numbers and counting with the friendly fish. Test memory and special awareness with matching too!

Left Right Pup

Left, left, left, right, left! Learning directions can be tricky, but this app makes practicing a lot cooler for young kids.

Featuring calming music, a simple interface and multi-textured graphics, this gem helps your child move left and right through the park or the beach, walking the dog and surfing some gnarly waves.

Feed Me!

Give your preschooler the chance to whip up some delicious answers for a hungry monster in Feed Me!

Once the app's running, game play is intuitive and easy for small fingers to master. The monster “thinks” of a specific topic he's hungry for, and kids must choose from three options and “feed” their furry friend what he wants.

AniMatch: Animal Pairs and Sounds Matching Game

From the farm to the forest, animal recognition and sounds are some of the first skills preschoolers master. Give kids a leg up with AniMatch, a simple memory game that features recognizable, cute critters, along with the sounds they make.

The bold, bright graphics paired with realistic moos, meows, clucks, oinks and other animal sounds.

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