Obliterate the 6 Types of Bullying

Learn about the different forms that bullying can take and how to handle each scenario.

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1. Neutralize Emotional Bullying

Involves gossiping and spreading rumors about a person. This type of bullying is subtle and more common among girls.

2. Bring Physical Bullying to a Screeching Halt

Inflicts physical harm such as hitting, kicking, or hair- pulling.

3. Push the Mute Button on Verbal Bullying

Inflicts verbal harm through name-calling, mocking, insults, and laughing at the victim’s expense.

4. Stamp Out Cyberbullying

Involves behavior such as posting hurtful images, messages, or threats in email messages, text messages, or on social networking sites. This type of bullying allows the bully to act anonymously.

5. Stop Sexual Bullying

Involves teasing and mocking the victim about sexual body parts or sexual orientation. It can include physical harm such as unwanted physical contact.

6. Reject Racist Bullying

Inflicts verbal harm by using racial or ethnic slurs to make fun of someone’s culture and/or ethnicity.

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