4 Reasons to Keep State Education Standards

They're met with a lot of controversy, but state education standards exist for a number of positive reasons. Here are the top four benefits to consider.

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State Standards Help Shape the Academic Landscape

State standards need to be a necessity. Yet, some schools do not even have a clear set of expectations for what teachers and students need to achieve in the core subjects: English, Math, and Science. Each state needs to establish its own high standards of what students should know and be able to achieve in at least the core subjects.

1. Setting Higher Standards

State Standards have moved from being a controversy to a necessity. Recent surveys highlight that Americans now firmly support higher academic standards. From the survey pictured, it is clear that most Americans are most concerned with raising standards and implementing graduation exams. This will ensure that students are the most equipped for the rigors of college.

2. Fueling A Revolution

State standards serve as clear proof of academic achievement. Americans now accept that standards can be used as the road map to reform. Standards have the ability to show students and parents academic progress: how the student is doing and where they are going.

3. Improving Resources

No Child Left Behind programs already require each state to create its own set of standards for the core subjects. Taxpayers dollars only go to states that have already established standards for improving schools or teaching a solid curriculum. Since these programs receive millions of dollars in federal funding, there is a huge incentive to literally "get with the program." States could receive more federal funding to design their own standards and tests.

4. Consolidating Goals

State standards provide schools with common academic goals. Schools can improve the quality of education with a higher academic bar for textbook selection, lesson plans, and teacher preparation. School resources can focus on promoting learning and helping parents keep track of their student's progress. State standards also have the ability to unite the community for reform.

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