8 Winter Essentials for Your Kid’s Closet

Let’s face it: Winter weather can be bleak. Just because you have to bundle up, doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion forward! Break up the monotony of gray skies with these fashion must-haves that will keep you warm and looking stylish!

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A Knitted Scarf

Ever fashionable and functional, scarves are an essential winter accessory. Encourage your child to protect her chest and neck from the cold by letting her choose colors and patterns she loves. Knit scarves keep kids toasty, but make sure to avoid itchy wool blends that kids hate. Let your child play with different ways of styling her scarf. Here are some ideas: 1.) Fold scarf in half with the loose ends threaded through the loop. 2.) Drape scarf and toss one end over the shoulder for a European look. 3.) Wrap scarf all the way around the neck, and tuck in the ends to create a mock turtleneck.

The Turtleneck

What’s old is new again! The turtleneck first appeared as an undergarment for college athletes in the late 1800s, rising to the height of 1950s beatnik fashion before being relegated to 90s thrift store racks. Well, the once-dorky turtleneck is back in fashion thanks to the efforts of designers like Donna Karan and Stella McCartney. Parents should celebrate. Why? They keep kids warm and look downright classy, even with jeans. Pair with a vest and a messenger bag for a professorial vibe.

Colored Corduroy

This durable textile is a mainstay during cold winter months. Though usually made of cotton, the piled fabric stands up to snow, mud, and ice. The twisted vertical cables, or wales, feel soft and luxurious, making them a great option for kids who enjoy some tactile variety to their clothing. Corduroy pants provide a slightly dressier alternative to jeans, and corduroy skirts and jumpers help keep wardrobes interesting all winter long. Go for bolder colors to give outfits a vintage look.

The Patterned Sweater

An insulation powerhouse, sweaters are cozy must-haves for the winter months. Bright, bold patterns can turn a drab sweater into a wardrobe centerpiece, and provide an antidote to the winter doldrums. Let your child choose from a myriad of patterns and knits: classic argyle, bold stripes, cute polka-dotes, chunky cable knits, and everything in-between.

Rain Boots, Redone

If Paddington Bear has taught us anything, it’s that rain boots are adorable. Pair rain boots with skirts for a cool, funky look, and don’t shy away from bright colors. Vibrant colors and patterns help turn a utilitarian outfit into something decidedly hip. So, when winter brings gray clouds and rain, bring on the hot pink rubber boots!

The Puffy Vest

Easy to slip on and off, vests keep vital organs nice and toasty. Numerous celebs have shown us that puffy vests can be ultra-stylish, especially when paired with a chunky cotton sweater and sunglasses. Active kids will like that arms can swing freely, and parents will appreciate that their children are essentially wrapped up in a giant body pillow (especially once snow balls start to fly).

Plaid, Plaid, and More Plaid

The plaid button-down is a sturdy and versatile winter wardrobe item. Having survived several fashion trends (remember ‘90s grunge?), plaid has emerged as a uniform of the hipster movement. Girls can make a fashion statement by wearing an oversized check shirt with thick leggings. Boys can go bold with fun plaid colors like turquoise and purple. But even if fashion isn’t your kid’s bag, a soft flannel button down is just downright comfy.

A Classic Pea Coat

Turn the heat-up on chilly winter mornings with a wool pea coat. Go for classic black, U.S. Navy-issued dark blue, or lighter blue for a more feminine look. Pea coats are one of the most versatile jackets out there, and can be worn for both casual and formal events. Nice wool coats can cost a pretty penny, so make sure to put your child’s name on the jacket!

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