7 Things NOT to Say to a Working Mom

When you work outside of the home or are labeled a "career girl," you can field some super insensitive remarks about your choice to work.

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"Don't you miss your kids?"

SAHMs are often incredulous about the fact that a working mom is away from her kids for eight hours each day. Of course she misses her kids.

"Do you really have to work?"

Um, can we say "rude?" This question is a thinly veiled inquiry into a family's financial situation—which makes it none of anyone else’s business.

"I just don't know how you do it."

Full of undertones, this comment might mean that a WM seems busy or stressed. Either way, it's annoying because it insinuates she lives a tough life.

"I could never let someone else raise my kids."

Ouch! The idea that a working mother leaves the raising of her children to another person is thoughtless, rude and downright wrong.

"It must be good to get a break."

Some SAHMs are the product of "the grass is greener" syndrome—they think that working is a mommy cop-out that they wouldn't mind every now and again.

"Didn't you see that show about bad daycare?"

Don't jump to worst-case scenarios; bad nannies and lazy daycare workers have been sensationalized on TV, but that doesn't mean they affect everyone.

"I guess some people just put their careers first."

Working moms always have to battle the misconception that a career means putting family last. Those who drop this bomb are likely feeling jealous.

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