Summer Challenge

Complete the 10 items, in any order, to earn a reward and a Certificate of Completion! Good luck and have fun!

Summer’s here, and we want to help keep kids learning! That’s why we’re offering a Summer Challenge: 10 activities to make summer learning fun! Kids who complete the Challenge earn a reward from their families and a Certificate of Completion from us.


All done? Download your certificate.

Collect your superheroes.

Mark the checklist in any order and unlock a new superhero.

Superheroes you've collected
  • Find a story or song on that's new to you. Read or sing it with a family member.

  • Visit a library, bookstore, or your own bookshelf and read a favorite story together with an adult. You can even take turns reading out loud!

  • Complete a game on Optional: Now play a game that doesn't need a computer with a family member. Find some ideas.

  • With a family member (and a pet, too, if you want!), take a walk, visit a park, blow some bubbles, play a sport, splash around in the water, or explore a new outdoor area.

  • Complete 1 item from our Summer Boost to help your summer learning take off.

  • Make a calendar for a summer month, and write down or draw some special events on the correct dates. You can download a calendar or make your own!

  • Work on an activity from with a family member.

  • Math is all around us. With a family member, use your math muscle to cook from a recipe (ideas here), build something, go shopping, or anything else where you can find and use numbers!

  • Pick a worksheet from and complete it. Optional: Teach a family member how to do it and have them complete it, too!

  • Have an adult help you complete a science project. Here are a few of our favorites for summer: Poolside Science, Soap Bubbles, Homemade Ice Cream, Slime.

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