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Points and Levels

We believe grownups deserve gold stars for good behavior just as much as kids do. When you participate in the community, you’re supporting thousands of other parents on their journey down the wondrous, challenging and complex road of raising and educating happy and healthy children. We think that’s pretty important — and we think you ought to be rewarded for it! awards points for certain actions members take while visiting the site. As members earn points over time, they’ll be promoted to higher levels of membership which will not only give them increased privileges on the website but will also help boost their credibility to other visitors and members. (Oh, and we have a sneaky habit of sending treats at random to members who are working especially hard to help others on the site).

Levels Table

Member levels help you earn bragging rights as an active and helpful member of the community. The more you participate on our site, the more points you earn, and the higher level you achieve.

Member level Points required to achieve
Level 10
Level 50
Level 150
Level 500
Level 1000
Level 2000
Level 3500
Level 4500
Level 6000 Gold Star!

How to Earn Points?

Activity Points earned Limits
Becoming a registered member 10 points one time
Providing profile information 1 point for each profile question answered no limit
Reviewing schools in SchoolFinder 10 points for each school 100 points maximum (lifetime)
Logging into 2 points 1 award per day
Sharing articles with friends 1 point for each item shared 20 points per day
(no limit for top 3 levels)
Inviting friends to join 2 points for each unique person emailed 40 points per day
(no limit for top 3 levels)
Submitting an article to “Get Published” 10 points 1 per day, 100 per lifetime
Rating answers
(thumbs up thumbs down)
2 points for each article rated 40 points per day
Asking a question 5 points 25 points per day
(no limit for top 3 levels)
Answering a question 10 points 150 points per day
(no limit for top 3 levels)
Writing an answer that receives a “thumbs up” rating from another member 1 point per thumbs up (on top of the 10 rewarded for writing the post) 10 points per question
Writing an answer that the asking member chooses to be “the best” 10 points N/A
Including a link to article in an answer 2 points 2 rewards per answer (4 points total), 15 rewards (30 points total) per day
Including a link to another website in an answer 1 point 2 rewards per answer, 15 rewards per day
Choosing a “best answer” for a question asked 5 points 1 reward per question
Signing up for the 2009 Activities Photo Contest 10 points One time
Uploading a winning photo in the 2009 Activities Contest

5 points

(Plus 5 bonus points if the activity page didn't have an featured photo at the top of the page before your photo became a winner)


As noted in our Terms of Use, manages the leveling system at its sole discretion and reserves the right to modify or discontinue this leveling system at any time without notice. Points earned are not transferable or redeemable and have no cash value.