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December 10, 2014

Brainzy Brings Fun to Early Learning Efforts

I'm always interested in the ways in which companies are combining technology with learning initiatives, and I recently got the chance to check out Brainzy, a new math and reading program from that focuses on 30 foundational academic skills for ages 3 to 7. The site was developed based on data from the 20 million worksheets or modules downloaded by educators from every year (to put this in perspective, one-quarter of U.S. teachers have accessed materials from

Brainzy eliminates the foundational learning guesswork on the part of parents, and teachers, by aligning with Common Core Standards on subjects like reading and math for pre-k, kindergarten and first grade students. Along with hundreds of academically-themed games, there are 50 educational songs and 50 read-along stories. For parents and educators who want to give the site a test drive, Brainzy offers a 7-day free trial. After that the monthly cost for families and teachers is less than a trip or two to the coffee shop and provides unlimited access to the resources on the site.

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November 25, 2014

Boost Your Kids’ Brainpower With Brainzy

Brainzy is a new subscription-based educational web site packed with games, videos, and activities for kids in pre-kindergarten through 1st grade. What makes Brainzy stand out from the online educational games crowd? A cast of unique characters plays happy host to kids ages 3-7 as they supplement their learning with engaging reading and math games in an easy-to-use interface.

My daughter is in half-day kindergarten, so we are always on the lookout for more ways to reinforce what she’s learning during her shorter time in school. Usually the overwhelming clutter of other educational web sites makes worthwhile activities hard to find. But once we signed up for Brainzy, she was immediately able to jump in and get started.

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November 11, 2014

Brainzy Review and Giveaway

My kiddos have far surpassed the targeted 3-7 age range for’s newly released math and reading subscription program, Brainzy. And while there are days when I would barter my hidden stash of dark chocolate to push back time, it’s not going to happen. So, instead of lamenting what was NOT available for them, I’m rejoicing in what IS available for you, and that is Brainzy.

Brainzy is a stellar online game-based program (for iPads, laptops and desktops) set in the playful “Land of Knowhere”. There, thanks to the work of Mike Gray, the cutest characters imaginable lead kids through the more than 300 games, stories and activities available.

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November 09, 2014

Why we use Brainzy for online learning has launched a new online education learning site for children ages 3-7. The methods behind the games and activities are derived from the Common Core Curriculum State Standards. Whether you agree with the Common Core or not, these standards are set to hold teachers accountable and students at levels right for their age and abilities. These activities make learning fun and engaging for the kids. Brainzy makes a great supplement to what they are learning in the classroom in the early elementary years.

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November 03, 2014

Start Learning Early With

I love finding games, apps and websites that have enough educational content to satisfy the former teacher in me with enough fun and entertainment to keep the kids interested in playing again and again. One of my newest finds is developed by, one of the web’s fastest growing parenting and educational resource websites.

Brainzy is a unique math and reading program designed for kids in pre-K through first grade (roughly 3-7 years old). It offers more than 300 games, stories and activities to teach foundational concepts in reading and math and provides fun opportunities for students to practice and master the concepts. ...

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October 31, 2014

Brainzy Math & Reading Program Review

We were able to review a new online math and reading program for ages 3-7 recently with M7 for free for review purposes. She loved it so much and was asking to play on just about everyday! She hates reading but these games and activities made it fun. ...

Brainzy covers the essential skills needed for early learning success while deeply engaging kids in a world rich with exploration. A lovable cast of original characters guide kids over a year’s worth of learning as they play through more than 300 fun games, videos, and read-along stories!

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October 29, 2014

Cool Tool - Brainzy

Today, kids can finally play, have fun, and really learn with a new online learning system – and new friends like Officer Ice Cream and Penelope Pegacorn. has announced Brainzy, a first-of-its-kind learning program now available with over 300 fun games, videos, and stories that teach reading and math skills for kids 3-7. In June 2014, education apps were the second-most popular category of apps downloaded in the iTunes store, as parents looked for supplemental educational activities and games. And they have plenty to choose from – over 100,000 apps are labeled as “educational.” In a cluttered marketplace of one-off educational apps and programs, Brainzy stands apart in following a child’s development, building on previous skills and masteries. With over 300 games and activities, Brainzy will keep kids busy far longer than snack time.

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October 27, 2014

Win Your Grandchild a Two-Year Subscription to Brainzy from!

Brainzy’s comprehensive program follows a methodical, building-block path created to spark curiosity, giggles, and grins while building more than 30 critical reading and math skills. Guided by a lovable cast of original characters, kids cover a year’s worth of learning as they play through more than 300 fun games, videos, and read-along stories. It was developed using rich data gathered from the 20 million worksheets downloaded each year at

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September 25, 2014 rolls out Common Core-aligned Brainzy

A release from cites the data benefits Brainzy can provide: One in four U.S. educators uses the site, so the team behind Brainzy is able to utilize real-time data to determine the best approach to designing supplemental learning materials. The company is also currently planning content for second through fifth grades as it continues to expand its existing content.

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September 25, 2014

Game-Focused Math and Reading Site Launches for Young Learners

Supplemental learning site is starting its own reading and math program for students aged 3-7, featuring mainly games and activities.

Brainzy, as the program is called, is buttressed by data collected by the site into the kinds of materials and worksheets its users were downloading. The program uses a building-block method to ramp students' skills slowly over time. Students move through the activities, which feature a cast of original animated characters like Officer Ice Cream, and can access more than 300 resources--mainly games, videos, and stories.

To learn about short and long sounds, for example, students might watch a short music video. A math game could see them practicing subtraction while controlling a downhill ski racer.

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