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January 29, 2008

Helpul Advice for Teachers and Parents

The website, is a very helpful website for teachers or for anybody who spends a lot of time with children. This website provides valuable information regarding new research on schools and learning abilities of children. This website provides many articles dealing with learning disabilities, what programs are good for students, and signs to look for in a child’s learning and interactions. This site can be very beneficial to teachers who want to improve their abilities as a teacher and want to help their students more. Read full story on The College Experience.

January 29, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Information for Parents is a new website (still in beta) designed to help parents find information related to raising their child. The website has information regarding children of all ages. The bulk of the website is dedicated to issues regarding school. The reference desk has links to useful articles on a range of topics including readiness for kindergarten, identifying your child’s needs and interests in school, how to contact and communicate with teachers, and finally preparing for college and beyond. Every time I hold conferences at least one parent asks if I know of a good place to find information about parenting, now I’ll tell them Read full story on Free Technology For Teachers.

January 29, 2008

DEMO: helps you find schools for your kids of Redwood City has aggregated a lot of info for parents about schooling. Among the tools is school finder, a tool that, if you’re moving, helps you find a good school in a good neighborhood for your kids. Roughly 3.5 million parents search online for information about schools each month, the company says.

Interesting, but I guess the proof is in the pudding on how well this works on a local level. You can find the school finder at It gives access to more than 100,000 public, private and charter schools nationwide. It will be available to the public in mid-February. The finder allows you to explore and compare schools easily, reviewing things such as teacher quality, extracurricular activities, parent involvement, safety and discipline, and overall child experience. Read full story on The Tech Talk Blog.

January 28, 2008 Unveils SchoolFinder at DEMO 08 to Solve an Urgent Need

“ was chosen as one of DEMO 08’s presenting companies because SchoolFinder is an innovative solution to the problems facing today’s parents,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO 08 conference. “ has done a wonderful job of making educational information accessible to parents; SchoolFinder is another great example of what this company has to offer.” Read full story on

November 20, 2007 Vets Safe, Educational Toys, Gifts

When looking for lead-free, educational, and fun toys this holiday season, here’s another good source for recommendations of safe, parent- and kid-tested toys:’s gift guide.

It’s a wide-ranging list, including books, creative play sets, board games, and some tech picks. (A few: LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game System for third graders, Flip Video Camcorder for fifth graders, and an iPod Touch for high schoolers.)

I like that the guide is broken down by grade, preschool through fifth grade, then middle school and high school. There’s a lot of variety, and says a team of parents, educators, and kids reviewed more than 500 products to come up with the recommended list. Read full story on Yahoo! Tech.

August 15, 2007

Can Cheating in School Be a Good Thing?

REDWOOD CITY, CA, August 15 /PRNewswire/ — Children don’t come with an instruction manual, but now their grades in school do! Finally, parents can stop worrying about what their child’s next school year will bring and get a glimpse of what’s coming. Today, (, an easy-to-use, one-stop online destination with over 4,000 articles, that helps parents and educators take an ever more active role in their children’s education, unveiled Grade Specific Cheat Sheets for grades pre-school through grade 5. From academic expectations, developmental milestones, and typical social issues, to fun learning activities that literally bring it all home, parents can now find it all in one place. Read full story on

August 14, 2007

Getting Young Kids Ready for School — This everything-education site launched in June, and it is chock-full of wonderful content on every aspect of children’s education. You can even find or set up groups to share and learn with other parents about specific concerns. Under the Parent-School Connection tab, you’ll find several articles on how to be involved in your child’s school life and how to help them with homework when the school day is over. Read full story on Yahoo! Tech.

August 10, 2007

Education 2.0: Top Online Learning Resources

The recently launched fills a need as a one-stop educational online resource for parents, and it has a strong community aspect too. It includes more than 4,000 reference articles from reliable sources such as education Ph.D.s and government agency studies. The site still has a way to go, but we can’t wait for it to fully grow up.

WIRED The social-networking model with discussion boards, tag-based search features and recommendations are all excellent — and it’s all presented in a safe, parents-only space. The site encourages parents to contribute to real discussions, sharing advice on everything from camping trips to attention deficit disorder.

TIRED The site has a limited amount of content. The interface seems a little static and dated. Read full story on Wired Magazine.

June 25, 2007

LeapFrog and Education.Com Team Up to Help Children Learn to Read

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: LF), a leading developer of technology-based learning products, today announced its sponsorship of the new Learning to Read center on as part of LeapFrog’s ongoing commitment to providing parents the best learn-to-read tools for their children. This new reading resource will provide easily accessible, high-quality educational and developmental reference and editorial content that address the critical and often challenging topic of learning to read. Read full story on PR Newswire.

June 21, 2007

Entrepreneurs Betting On

As anyone who’s ever raised a child can testify, parents sometimes need a bit of help and advice. After all, kids don’t come with a user manual.

A new website launched Wednesday — with advertising and a big boost from venture capital — is designed to provide a bit of help and support. is an editorial site with over 4,000 reference articles about raising kids, along with online communities in which parents can interact with each other, and with education experts.

The goal of the site, according to founder and CEO Ron Fortune, is to build “a one stop online destination targeting parents to supplement education so that students can be more successful in school as well as in life.” Read full story on CBS News.