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October 27, 2014

Win Your Grandchild a Two-Year Subscription to Brainzy from!

Brainzy’s comprehensive program follows a methodical, building-block path created to spark curiosity, giggles, and grins while building more than 30 critical reading and math skills. Guided by a lovable cast of original characters, kids cover a year’s worth of learning as they play through more than 300 fun games, videos, and read-along stories. It was developed using rich data gathered from the 20 million worksheets downloaded each year at

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September 25, 2014 rolls out Common Core-aligned Brainzy

A release from cites the data benefits Brainzy can provide: One in four U.S. educators uses the site, so the team behind Brainzy is able to utilize real-time data to determine the best approach to designing supplemental learning materials. The company is also currently planning content for second through fifth grades as it continues to expand its existing content.

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September 25, 2014

Game-Focused Math and Reading Site Launches for Young Learners

Supplemental learning site is starting its own reading and math program for students aged 3-7, featuring mainly games and activities.

Brainzy, as the program is called, is buttressed by data collected by the site into the kinds of materials and worksheets its users were downloading. The program uses a building-block method to ramp students' skills slowly over time. Students move through the activities, which feature a cast of original animated characters like Officer Ice Cream, and can access more than 300 resources--mainly games, videos, and stories.

To learn about short and long sounds, for example, students might watch a short music video. A math game could see them practicing subtraction while controlling a downhill ski racer.

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September 15, 2009

Best of Industry Web Award

The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2009 Web-Award For Outstanding Achievement in Web Development to

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December 30, 2008

This Week in America radio show

“’s Kat Eden was recently a guest on Ric Bratton’s This Week in America radio show. In the three part series, Kat shares 10 tips parents should consider during the first months of school to help their kids make the most of a new school year.”

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February 20, 2008

Grading Neighborhood Schools’s SchoolFinder feature is starting with roughly 47,000 schools in 10 states: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey and Georgia. In about two months, the site hopes to have data for all states, totaling about 60,000 public and charter schools. I was granted early access to SchoolFinder, but only Michigan was totally finished during my testing. Read full story on The Wall Street Journal.

February 07, 2008

Demo08: Sipping from the Pitchstream, Morning of Day 1, “the WebMD of education,” according to the company. Its new SchoolFinder is a service designed to help parents find public, private and charter schools. Read full story on Conferenza.

February 01, 2008

My List of Great Demo 2008 Companies Continues to Grow

First up is’s School Finder. A product I wish I had access to in 2002 when my beautiful daughter, the lovely Miss Amanda, was getting ready to go away to college. School Finder is a parent’s dream: it lets you match your kids’ needs to college offerings and the local environment. When School Finder goes live in about two months, it will have information on about 100,000 public and private schools. Read full story on ForbesOnTech .

February 01, 2008

Every Demo 08 startup ranked from 1 to 72 — The hits keep coming in vertical search. Read full story on

January 31, 2008

Takahashi: Picking the winners at the DEMO conference stood out as the only education-oriented company in the field of 77 presenters at the conference in Palm Desert. There is no Google or Microsoft in this field, and that’s the way the VCs like it.

This Redwood City company stands out to me as one of the winners of the show. By mid-February, plans to launch an application for parents dubbed School Finder ( It gives detailed information on about 100,000 public, private and charter schools. That will make it easy for parents to compare schools and choose the best for their children. Read full story on