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Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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Dream big by making some washi tape wall art, an easy (and totally temporary) way to experiment with murals.
Fine Motor Skills
Let your child set her artistic talent free with an easy, environmentally-friendly bottle cap mosaic.
Recycled Crafts
Make a wish upon a tree with this craft that also helps your child learn more about Chinese culture.
Second Grade
Nature Activities
Help your own young scientist tackle the wonders of static electricity from the comfort of his own home!
Third Grade
Physical Science
Deck the halls with last season's Christmas lights for a spectacular and electrifying science activity.
Fourth Grade
Physical Science
Introduce your child to the wonders of colorful chemistry with this simple food coloring project.
Simple Experiments
Celebrate April Fools' Day with a science prank that is sure to amuse...and educate too!
Third Grade
Physical Science
In this activity, your child gets to peek behind the curtain of puzzle making â she can create her very own âSpot the Differencesâ game!
Fourth Grade
Painting & Drawing
Your child can help your family pet take a breather, and help herself relax, too, with this soothing activity.
Third Grade
Life Science
Help your child learn about Native American culture by illustrating a Native American zodiac wheel.
Third Grade
Community & Cultures
This hybrid indoor/outdoor craft results in a pretty handmade piece of jewelry thatâs easy on the eyes and the wallet!
Second Grade
Beads & Jewelry
Test your kid's knowledge of presidents one through forty-four with this fun and educational matching game!
Fifth Grade
US History
Bake a delicious cherry pie in remembrance of one of country's most famous presidents -- George Washington!
Third Grade
Help your kid celebrate Valentine's Day and keep up with her homework with this butterfly pencil craft!
Second Grade
Paper & Glue Crafts

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