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Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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Want to turn your child into an expert orator, but don't know how to rid him of the middle school mumbles? Try this activity to get your child to speak up!
Middle School
This dreidel ornament makes a sparkling spinning top out of popsicle sticks. Make this dreidel ornament and get ready for Hanukkah.
Construction & Sculpture
Give your daughter a neat project to hold the earrings or other small items that are taking over her dresser top.
Fifth Grade
Fabric Projects
Transform grocery bags into summer fashion in this fun summer art project.
Third Grade
Recycled Crafts
Test your skills as a weather forecaster, and learn some science terms on the way!
Middle School
Environmental Science
Have a kid who loves to bead, but can't seem to keep them all in one place? Use those loose beads to craft a decorative wind chime.
Third Grade
Beads & Jewelry
Need to cool down on a hot summer night? This gazpacho recipe does the trick.
Fifth Grade
Get your child writing as she describes the four seasons, then decorates a shape for each to hang in the house!
Second Grade
Invite your first grader to play this subtraction sacks game to get her actively involved in understanding and memorizing subtraction facts.
First Grade
The pottery technique of coiling may be old, but it's probably new to your kid! Make coil pots with your preschooler throw in a little cultural lesson too!
Construction & Sculpture
Create clear sound shakers so your preschooler can observe and compare the different sounds that objects make!
Simple Experiments
Make homemade glitter to add glamor and glitz to art projects galore.
Painting & Drawing

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