Creative Creature Pop-Up Card Activity

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Updated on Jun 28, 2013

Whether it’s a book or a card, a “popup” is always pretty irresistible to kids. Next time your child is headed for a birthday party, especially for a doting relative, consider this goofy project. It’s fun; it builds fine motor skills; and it especially requires your child to develop some crucial writing skills by “writing for a purpose!”

What You Need:

  • Three different pieces of colored card stock paper, 8-1/2” x 11”
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Markers
  • Decorative touches: googly eyes, feathers, or other touches

What You Do:

  1. pop-up card instructionsStart with one piece of colored paper, and fold it horizontally so that you have a card measuring 5-1/2”x 8-1/4”. Starting in the middle of the fold, cut a slit until you come just 2” short of the paper edges.
  2. Fold the paper on the bottom and top sides of the cut to make two triangles, as shown to the right.
  3. Now open the card, and gently pull the triangles through the hole and toward you.
  4. Fold the other sheet of paper, and lay the cut card on top of that. Glue together all the parts around the inner triangles. Now, when you open up the card, the triangles pull together to make a “mouth” shape!
  5. Put googly eyes on your pop-up creature, and add feathers and any other decorations you like.
  6. Now for the final touch: cut a strip from the third piece of paper, and write a special birthday message on it. Fold it accordion style, and place one end in the critter’s mouth, just to the side of the card’s fold. Encourage your second grader to write a full sentence in her best kid writing!
  7. On the front of the card, you’ll want to write “Happy Birthday,” of course…and be sure to have your child sign this masterpiece. This is a one of a kind card for a one of a kind friend or relative—enjoy!
Julie Williams, M.A. Education, taught middle and high school History and English for seventeen years. Since then, she has volunteered in elementary classrooms while raising her two sons and earning a master's in school administration. She has also been a leader in her local PTA.