Draw Horrible Homophones Activity

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Updated on Oct 9, 2012

In school kids are expected to know what homophones are and how to use them correctly in a sentence. After all, understanding the concept of homophones can help kids with their spelling and reading skills. If your child is having a hard time understanding how homophones work this is the perfect activity. Your child will giggle at the crazy illustrations she makes when she creates these horrible homophone sentences!

What You Need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Crayons or markers

What You Do:

  1. Write the words “horse” and “hoarse” on a piece of paper. Ask your child to identify the difference between the two words. Make sure she realizes that “horse” is the name of an animal, and “hoarse” is the description of the way something sounds, such as a hoarse voice.
  2. Tell your child that these two words are homophones, or words that sound the same but look different.
  3. Brainstorm a list of homophones with your child. Some examples may include sea/see, ant/aunt, ate/eight, prince/prints, bare/bear, hair/hare, and hear/here.
  4. Instruct your child to write a sentence using one word from each homophone pair, such as “I swim in the sea.”
  5. Tell your child to cross out the homophone in each sentence and write the other word from the pair. This will leave sentences like “I swim in the see.”
  6. Challenge your child to try to illustrate one of the sentences, no matter how silly the illustration will look. For example, your child might draw a picture of a person swimming in a large eyeball or a large pair of glasses. Display this picture and encourage your child to draw another!