Card Challenges Activity

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Updated on Jul 2, 2014

Tell your child you want to work on kindergarten readiness skills and she's not likely to jump up and clap. But turn it into a game and it's a whole different story.

In this game, your child picks a card from the "challenge box" and attempts to do what's on it. If she completes her task, she gets to keep the card and move on to the next challenge. If not, she puts the card in the discard pile and moves on to another task. When time's up, ask your child to help you count her cards. Write down her score and see if she can beat it the next time you play! As she plays this game, she'll be developing her fine motor and comprehension skills as well as her ability to follow directions.

What You Need:

  • 30 index cards
  • Markers
  • Small box
  • Large space for playing
  • Timer

What You Do:

  1. Write one kid-appropriate challenge on each of the index cards. If your child is close to entering kindergarten, you can use your district's kindergarten readiness checklist as inspiration. This list is usually a mix of fine motor (small muscle) skills, gross motor (big muscle) skills, writing, counting, and listening. Here are some suggestions for your cards:
    • Walk backwards, toe to heel for 20 steps.
    • Copy a circle.
    • Throw a ball so it lands in a circle of chalk drawn on the driveway.
    • Hop ten feet.
    • Skip across the room.
    • Drop and catch a bounced ball 15 times in a row.
    • Balance on one foot for ten seconds.
    • Cut a piece of paper in half.
    • Write your full name.
    • Count to 20.
    • Tiptoe across the room and back in 30 seconds.
    • Find something square.
    • Find something round.
    • Find a triangle in the room.
    • Find something blue.
  2. Put the cards in a box and invite your child to play. Set the timer for 10 minutes. See how many tasks she can complete before the timer rings!
  3. When she's done she'll be more prepared for kindergarten and she'll have had a blast in the process!