Make a ME Timeline

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Updated on Mar 26, 2014

In kindergarten, social studies time often revolves around a subject kids love best…themselves! Kids will spend a lot of time talking about where they live, what’s in their community, the people in their lives…in short their world and their place in it. In math, they’ll be working with the calendar—learning the days, weeks, and months, and how they fit together. For a cool art project that teaches kids to put events in order, help your child create a “Me Timeline.” A unique poster to hang prominently in a bedroom, it also gets kids working key kindergarten skills in an artsy way!

What You Need:

  • Easel paper roll (or multiple pieces of paper taped together to form 10–12 foot length)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Photos

What You Do:

  1. When most people hear the term “timeline,” they think about historical events. But every person has a history, too, and your child is no different. Start by talking to your kid about the key events in his life, for example, the day he was born, the month he started to talk or walk, when his siblings arrived, dates of favorite vacations, the month you moved to a new house, or when he first started school. Write them down, along with a few words about each, for example, “March 5, 2003. I was born!”, “Fall, 2006. Trip to Disneyland” or “May 2007. We moved.”
  2. Cut a long sheet of paper from a paper roll, or tape a bunch of pieces of paper together to form a long sheet (final paper should be 10–12 feet long).
  3. Lay it out on a table horizontally and, using a ruler, draw a line across the middle to divide it horizontally.
  4. Above the line, write the key events of your child’s life, left to right, leaving a few inches of space between each.
  5. Below the line, let your child illustrate each event—either with family photos, or with drawings.

Poster finished? Take it to his room and hang it up in a prominent place. Be sure to leave plenty of room on the right-hand side of the timeline. This way, your child can keep adding important events as they happen. You never know when he’ll launch that summer lemonade stand or try out for the school play, so save room for future memories, and keep those markers handy!