Peanut Game

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Updated on Sep 6, 2013

Who has the peanut? This adorable game is perfect for your little one's next party. The game teaches group cooperation while improving observational skills only requires one peanut to play!  The group will learn quirky rhymes while following the rules and learning how to patiently wait to take turns.

What You Need:

  • 1 Peanut, in a shell

What You Do:

  1. Announce that this game's purpose is to find out who has the peanut.
  2. Ask the children to sit in a circle, placing their hands behind their backs.
  3. Choose one child to be the "peanut passer." With the peanut in his hand, have him go around the outside of the circle, sliding his hands through the other kid's hands until he decides to secretly pass off the peanut. Make sure he goes around the circle one full time before passing off the peanut.
  4. As the peanut passer is walking around the circle, teach the children the following chant: "Peanut, peanut, where can you be? Peanut, peanut, come to me!"
  5. Tell the kids to close their hands tightly and to keep them behind their backs, even if they don't have the peanut.
  6. Choose a child to begin guessing who has the peanut. Keep asking different people until the peanut is located.
  7. When the child with the peanut has been found out, they should chant: "We found the peanut, he, he, he! Now pass the peanut, but not to me!"
  8. Then, another child should take a turn passing the peanut. Repeat this until each child has had a turn.

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