Rainbow Trout Craft Activity

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Updated on Sep 4, 2012

Drive away rainy day blues with this simple activity. Get your child engaged by having him pick out the colors, and sneak in a mini science lesson by explaining the difference between primary and secondary colors.

What You Need:

  • Multi-colored construction paper
  • Stick glue
  • 2 rolls of colored crepe paper
  • Scissors
  • Multi-colored glitter or confetti
  • 1 cotton ball

What You Do:

  1. Draw a large fish shape on one piece of construction paper. Place a different colored piece of construction paper together with the first and carefully cut out the shape.
  2. Run the glue all over the fish-shaped construction paper and stick the pieces together. Be sure to leave a small portion of the bottom open.
  3. Cut out a tiny circle for the eye.
  4. Cut a strand of crepe paper and wrap it around the fish. Then glue into place. Cut a slit in the crepe paper at the bottom of the fish.
  5. Cut another strand of the second colored crepe paper and wrap it around the fish. Glue into place and make another slit at the bottom.
  6. Roll the stick glue down both sides of each strand of crepe paper. With the palm of your hand, stick on the multi-colored confetti.
  7. Pull a cotton ball through the eye circle. Glue on a piece of confetti for the eyeball.
  8. Carefully turn up the bottom edge of the fish for a stand.

When the rainbow trout is finished, sit it on a table to provide beautiful bright color to any room.

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