Make Your Own Rubber Stamp Flashcards Activity

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Updated on Jun 18, 2013

Looking for a way to make learning to count more fun? Here's an activity to inspire your child to recognize numbers by having her make homemade flashcards. All you need are some rubber stamps and index cards to get started! Kids love using rubber stamps, and because craft stores carry many fun shapes, your child will be able to personalize her very own flashcards and learn a great study strategy that'll help her in years to come.

What You Need:

  • Rubber stamps
  • Stamp pad
  • Markers
  • 10 blank cards from cardstock

What You Do:

  1. Cut your cardstock so that you have ten cards. Depending on your stamp size, make sure your card is large enough to hold ten stamps.
  2. Using markers, write the numbers one through ten on your flashcards.
  3. Ask your child to say the number on the card and then to stamp that many pictures. You might have to show her how to do the first one. If you have multiple-colored stamp pads, show her how to wipe the stamp clean before changing to a different color. Have your child count out loud while stamping. This reinforces one-to-one correspondence, when what she says matches the object. 
  4. Continue stamping different stamps on all the flashcards.

When finished, try out your rubber stamp flashcards. Hold them up and ask her to say the number and count the stamps. If she gets it correct, she may keep the card.

Tina Cho has been an elementary teacher for 11 years, mainly in the kindergarten classroom. She is currently a freelance writer.

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