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Third Grade Physical Science Activities: Squirt Bottle

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Help your child design his own super-squirter! Every kid loves having water battles in the summer. The problem is, squirt guns can sometimes get expensive. This DIY water bottle squirt gun is a great homemade way to combat that.

What You Need:

  • 1 plastic soda bottle
  • 1 sewing needle
  • Stove
  • Metal tongs
  • Water

What You Do:

  1. Have your child remove the cap from the plastic soda bottle.
  2. Then, help her rinse it out thoroughly.
  3. Next, help your child carefully turn the stove on.
  4. Then, take over duties and grip the non pointed end of the needle with the metal tongs.
  5. Hold the needle directly on the burner of the stove until it is red hot.
  6. Then, carefully pierce the plastic cap of the soda bottle with the needle multiple times to make holes.
  7. Turn the stove off.
  8. Then, carefully place the sewing needle into water to rapidly cool it down.
  9. Next, help your child fill the soda bottle up with water.
  10. Then, let her twist the hole filled cap back onto the soda bottle.
  11. Go outside (preferably with someone who is ready to get wet).
  12. To use the squirt gun, all your child needs to do is squeeze the center of the bottle.
  13. Ready? Aim! Have him take his thumb off the hole!
Updated on Jan 22, 2014
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See more activities in: Third Grade, Physical Science
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