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This footwear-focused activity introduces fractions as part of a set and it's the perfect way to generate excitement about fraction concepts.
Third Grade
Host a dog wash to raise money for yourself, for charity, or just for fun!
Outdoor Games
Fourth Grade
Instead of the traditional egg hunt, try this creative variation that will result in a beautiful Easter garden.
Outdoor Games
Second Grade
This competitive inequalities card game is a great way to help your child understand the connection between numerals and the values they represent.
First Grade
Get printable Father's Day cards, homemade gift ideas, and activities to do with Dad on his special day.
Printable Board Games
Group Games
Learning to count change can be tough! Help your child become a master money-counter with this simple game.
Second Grade
Encourage your kid to get in the hunt with this fun collection of search and find activities. These scavenger hunts are sure to help the afternoon fly right by and they'll also help keep your kid's mind and body active as he finds words, numbers and other miscellaneous objects. After all the hunting is over, your child's visual and observational skills will be amazingly sharp!
Learning to count can be pretty tough. Have your child play this game with you or a friend and watch her quickly become a master counter.

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