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Teach your kid some history with these crafts and games that will provide him with an opportunity to interact with history in a more hands-on way. These activities will help your child gain an appreciation of how different things were throughout history and, in many cases, how much harder people had to work to have supplies and tools that we all take for granted these days. What's more, kids will have the opportunity to create their own versions of cultural art and artifacts and learn more about the peoples and customs that underlie a variety of cultural practices. Take a look at our history activities and select a few that your kid will find compelling.

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Capture a bit of mythological magic with this clever sock craft!
Fourth Grade
Help your fifth grader embrace the roots--literally--of Mother's Day by growing carnations to honor mothers in you family's history.
Fifth Grade
Looking for a fun summer adventure? Learn what it was like to be a prospector during the California Gold Rush by panning for gold in a local creek.
Fourth Grade
Here's a fun family activity: have your preschooler make a cameo appearance by creating and drawing on their own silhouettes!
Third Grade

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