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Math 1

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Math Maze

This double-whammy of an activity will have kids eager to add!

Owl Color-by-Number

This addition page is a hoot! Help your kid practice math facts with this owl color-by-number printable!

Thanksgiving Math: Simple Addition #1

Get some mental exercise on turkey day by doing some simple addition problems with your kindergartener.

Thanksgiving Addition #2

Get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving season with a helpful math sheet full of festive addition problems!

Holiday Math: Thanksgiving Subtraction

The Thanksgiving holiday brings turkey, stuffing, family...and subtraction? Here's a great way to get your first grader to practice subtraction over the break.

Simple Addition

Time to start fishin' for addition! Here's a great worksheet that will help your child practice his simple addition and counting.

Fishing For Math Facts: Eight

Make math fun with this series of "Fishing for Answers" addition and subtraction math facts.

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