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Round 'Em Up

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with number rounding skills? This printable will help him with third grade math skills.

Let's Go Rounding!

Kids practice rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, and to the place value underlined on this math worksheet.

Add, Round, Add! #4

Offering a lesson in place value and rounding, this addition worksheet is perfect for children tired of the usual addition worksheets.

Close Enough

Looking for a math worksheet to help with rounding skills? This worksheet is great for beginning math students.

Practice Front-End Estimation

This math worksheet gives your child lots of practice with front-end estimation, addition, and subtraction.

Practice Word Problem Subtraction

Looking for a way to practice word problem subtraction? Get in two-digit and three-digit subtraction practice with simple word problems.

Round Numbers: Subtraction Practice

Searching for a worksheet that practices rounding numbers and subtraction skills? This printable uses estimation to subtract three digit numbers.

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