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Dye Eggs with Onion Skins

Create natural dyes for coloring eggs.

Recycled Plastic Bag Basket

2nd graders with some weaving experience can turn a gallon milk jug and plastic grocery bags into a functional basket.

Design a Native American Vest

Breathe new life into Thanksgiving legends by getting your kindergartener into character this holiday with a nifty Native American vest.

Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer!

Use this activity to create your very own scented hand sanitizer and teach your child to keep germs at bay!

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Cards

With a little guidance from parents, youngsters can create a Christmas tree using their thumb as a stamp.

Stamp a Handprint Candy Cane

Kids have permission to get messy (just a little bit!) as they create a decorative candy cane mosaic from red and white handprints.

Tissue Paper Butterfly Hunt

This fun and crafty activity is easy enough for your child to lend a helping hand and makes a great indoor or outdoor game.

Make a Windsock

Show your preschooler how to create a simple windsock using a colorful piece of tissue paper, a pipe cleaner, and yarn.

Color Bugs

Your child can explore color mixing and design while folding together a paint-filled paper and then using a marker to outline it.

Make Scented Pumpkins

Your preschooler will engage his senses by making a scented pumpkin to decorate your house.

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