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Basic Human Anatomy: Blood

Use this "Basic Human Anatomy" sheet to see how blood carries nutrients through your body.

Homemade Rain Gauge

Slip some science into storm watching with a homemade rain gauge!

Sound and Vibration

Let your young scientist explore a brave new world of sound with an experiment that just requires a handful of common household items.

Make an ABC Nature Book

Take a nature walk in your backyard or local park to find one object for every letter of the alphabet. Then put them together in this handy nature book.

Design a Native American Vest

Breathe new life into Thanksgiving legends by getting your kindergartener into character this holiday with a nifty Native American vest.

Go on a Nature Hunt!

In this simple and social activity, children use size comparison skills to find objects in nature that are bigger, smaller, longer, and shorter.

Grow a Sock Garden

In this activity, your kid has your permission to get his socks nice and filthy. In fact, it's a necessity, because those socks are going to make a garden.

Make Waves in a Bottle

Can't make it to the beach? Bring the science of ocean waves home with this fun earth science-related craft.

Make a Shell Craft Treasure Box

Invite your kindergarten marine biologist to practice in scientific identification and categorization while she creates a lovely treasure box.

Dancing Raisins

First grade science often covers solids, liquids, and gases. This silly science explores serious facts about the difference between all three.

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