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Can Crusher Experiment

Experiment with the wonders of pressure and condensation by crushing a soda can with nothing but air and water!

Make Frost on the Window!

Here is a nifty science experiment using Epsom salts to make "frost" appear on a piece of glass.

Grow Sparkling Borax Crystals

Grow borax crystals and get your child excited about Earth science with this crafty science experiment.

Make a Better Paper Airplane

High school physics students with a greater understanding of fluid dynamics should be able to push the outer limits of paper airplane design!

Build a Pinhole Camera

Learn how to build your own pinhole camera.

Homemade Thermometer

Show your child how to construct a homemade thermometer. It's hands-on fun and a great way to complement what he's learning about this instrument in school.

Clean Water Using the Sun!

Can you think of a way of cleaning dirty water using the sun? In this activity, you will be making a "solar still" that is able to do just that!

Bungee Jump ... With Eggs!

Invite your middle schooler to bungee jump ... with eggs! This experiment will demonstrate Newton's laws of physics in an entertaining way.

Make a CSI Kit

Household items and a bit of imagination will create a CSI kit for your child to have investigative adventures with. Explore the world of forensic science!

Experiment with Salt Water Conductivity

Does your child know that salt water conducts electricity? This simple experiment will show how salt water acts as a conductor to electrical currents.

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