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Experiment with "Quicksand"

In this activity, your child will make her own "quicksand" to better understand how a substance can be both fluid and solid at the same time.

Make a Hummingbird Feeder

With a clear bottle and a few plastic straws, you can easily make a hummingbird feeder and demonstrate the effects of atmospheric pressure at the same time!

How to Make an Ethernet Cable

Start thinking about how the internet works by assembling an Ethernet cable of your own!

Experiment with Magnetism: Make a Hanging Compass

Experiment with magnetism in this 8th grade science activity in which your child will create a working compass using a steel needle, magnet, and jar.

Create an Ocean in a Bottle

This activity creates an ocean in a jar complete with waves, and will entrance your kindergarten child with the magic of the ocean.

Algebra All Around: 3 Activities

Here are three activities you can do at home and around town to bring algebra into your daily lives.

Potato Battery

Believe it or not, the common spud has enough electrochemical energy to power a small digital clock. Show your sixth grader how!

Experiment With Sound Waves

Every time a sound is produced it emits a sound wave. This experiment demonstrates how sound travels, using nothing more than a spoon and a string!

Make a Homemade Hand Warmer!

On the next chilly, winter day, invite your fifth grader to make a hand warmer by experimenting with the loaded combination of a few natural ingredients.

The Incredible Flexible Egg Experiment

In this experiment, a hard-boiled egg will fit through an impossibly small opening with the help of only a few matches.

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