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Created by BrittanyRingo

5th grade geometry

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Rounding to the Nearest Thousand

Help "Bucks" Baxter estimate how much money he has by rounding everything to the nearest thousand.

Acute Triangle: Find the Missing Base

Get your fifth grader involved in some geometry detective work! With a little practice, it's easy to find the missing base in a series of triangles.

Geometry Review: Angles and Polygons

Fifth graders review types of angles, triangles, and polygons in this handy geometry review.

Obtuse Triangle: Find the Missing Base

Get your fifth grader involved in some geometry detective work!This fun practice worksheet will teach him how to find the base of a group of triangles.

Find the Surface Area: Rectangular Prism

Is your fifth grader ready to dig a little deeper into geometry? This exercise shows her how to find the surface area of a rectangular prism.

Find the Surface Area: Cube

Once your fifth grader has mastered the basics, it's time to start finding the surface areas of 3-D shapes--like cubes.

Area of a Circle #2

Yeehaw! Take a trip to the wild west with some covered wagons. Find the area of these wagon wheels as the tumbleweeds go rolling by.

Practicing Naming a Circle's Components

Practice makes perfect! Engage your fifth grader in some geometry vocabulary practice that will ask her to name the parts of a circle.

Rectangle Algebra: Find the Missing Width

To complete this worksheet, your child will use basic algebraic equations to find the missing width measurement of each rectangle.

Area of a Circle #1

Don't spin out your wheels doing math. Find the area of the tires on the bicycles, and remember that the radius of a circle is one half of the diameter!

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