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Count the Insects 7

Which box has more creepy crawlers inside? Your kindergartener will get practice counting as she hangs out with these familiar backyard bugs.

Counting Pets

How many striped cats can you find? Your child will count and write numbers with the help of some furry friends in this worksheet.

Counting Kitties

With this worksheet, your child will learn to count and write numbers with the help of her furry friends.

Picture Math

Help your child begin to learn about math problems using pictures. He'll count the pictures to create simple addition equations.

Construction Zone Subtraction 7

Build a great math student with some construction subtraction!

Count the Coins

It's time to count the coins! Practice adding up coin values with your youngster.

Picture Subtraction: Outer Space

Give your kindergartener's subtraction practice that is out of this world with single digit subtraction problems featuring space shuttles and comets.

Picture Subtraction

These birds are acting strange! Your kindergartener will use single digit subtraction to find out how many birds are still colorful and bright.

Weight Comparison

Which animal weighs more? Give your kindergartener practice comparing weights with some familiar animal friends.

Simple Springtime Addition

Let the joy of spring inspire your kindergartener's next math practice. She'll use single digit addition to add up bright flowers.

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