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Rounding and Estimation 3rd

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Round Numbers: Subtraction Practice

Searching for a worksheet that practices rounding numbers and subtraction skills? This printable uses estimation to subtract three digit numbers.

Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 9

As your second grader practices working with rounded numbers, he will improve not only his subtraction, but his overall math skills as well.

Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 7

Introduce your second grader to this cute worksheet, and watch her estimation and subtraction skills skyrocket!

Practice Front-End Estimation

This math worksheet gives your child lots of practice with front-end estimation, addition, and subtraction.

Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 6

This adorable printable asks your second grader to round to the nearest ten, and then complete a speedy subtraction equation.

Round 'Em Up

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with number rounding skills? This printable will help him with third grade math skills.

Add, Round, Add! #7

This challenging, multi-step 2nd grade math worksheet offers practice in two-digit addition with carrying, place value, and rounding.

Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 2

Watch your second grade's estimation and subtraction skills skyrocket with this fun rounding and subtracting worksheet!

Add, Round, Add! #3

Your child will practice two-digit addition and place value and learn how to round to the nearest hundred in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

More or Less?

Need a way to practice your kid's knowledge of shapes and units of measurement? This printable will get them laughing as they show off how much they know.

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