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Fact Family Dice

Your child will use his knowledge of inverse operations to build another fact family number sentence and even complete a fact triangle.

Thanksgiving Subtraction

Your first grader will get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving season as she works on these festive subtraction problems.

Thanksgiving Subtraction #2

Prepare for a scrumptious subtraction feast! Your child will practice her simple subtraction facts, and will be on her way to memorizing them.

Fractions of Shapes: 1/3

Practice your fractions with a fun, visual activity! Your first grader will get to practice his fraction 1/3 by looking for shapes that are one third shaded.

Bar Graphs: Favorite Season

Which season of the year is the best? Get your student ready for graphing with this fun bar graph worksheet!

Skip Counting Turtle

This adorable turtle is missing his shell! Help finish this picture by connecting the dots and skip counting by five.

Skip Counting Plesiosaurus

This dot-to-dot is skipping a few numbers! Help draw this massive aquatic dinosaur by connecting the dots and skip-counting by threes.

Skip Counting Stegosaurus

Help draw in this giant Stegosaurus's spine plates by connecting the dots. Your child will learn to skip-count by two with this fun exercise.

How Many Nickels

How many nickels do you see? Reinforce counting skills while introducing your child to skip-counting by 5!

Missing Numbers: Counting by Fives

Does your child need practice with his math skills? This printable worksheet, which will help him count up to 100, will give him practice counting by 5's.

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