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Graveyard Ghost Counting

Do some Halloween counting to fill in the missing numbers on the tombstones! Ask your child to practice Halloween counting to fill in the missing numbers.

Number Practice 1-10

Take your kindergarten on a whirlwind tour of numbers 1-10 in this colorful and action-packed worksheet.

Name That Hero! Two-Digit Addition #4

To figure out the name of the mystery super hero, your child simply needs to answer a page full of two-digit addition problems!

Addition and Subtraction for Kids

Work up an appetite for addition and subtraction with fruits! Practice basic math with these word problems fit for young learners.

Reading Comprehension Practice Test

What's the main idea? Help your child review reading comprehension questions like this with this at-home practice test.

Question Words

Help your child grow familiar with the question mark as he practices filling in sentences with the correct question word and adding a question mark at the end.

Measuring Inches: Inching Insects

Get some measurement practice by inching along with some familiar sights.

Candy Subtraction

Satisfy your mathematical sweet tooth with some candy subtraction word problems!

Story Math

See how math is used in the real world with these story problems! Test your child's mastery of multi-digit addition and subtraction.

Draw and Add #4

Help your math whiz master the concept of addition with a fun drawing activity. Draw out each word problem.

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