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Valentine Math: Odd Numbers

Cupid needs help with his numbers! Invite your child to fill in the missing odd numbers to help Cupid find his way to his heart.

Halloween Maze: Even Numbers

In this Halloween maze, follow the even numbers out of this scary graveyard. But watch out -- there are odd numbers waiting to trip you up!

Odd and Even Number Hidden Picture

These odd and even numbers are all mixed up! Kids decide which numbers are odd and which are even, and then color the circles accordingly.

Odd or Even?

Kids review odd and even numbers by circling them, then counting up how many they find.

Even and Odd Numbers: Practicing Subtraction

In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will complete each subtraction problem, then determine whether the answer is an even or odd number.

Grouping Objects: Odd and Even Numbers

In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will practice identifying odd and even numbers by grouping objects into odd or even-numbered groups.

Coloring Shapes: The Fraction 1/2

Help your child get a handle on the fraction one-half with this printable math worksheet.

Fraction Frenzy: One Half

Get your kid into a fraction frenzy with this easy-to-understand worksheet that introduces her to one-half.

Coloring Shapes: Fractions

Help your child get a handle on fractions with this printable worksheet, which asks your child to color in the shapes according to fractions.

Beginning Fractions: Halves & Fourths

Introduce your first grader to pizza halves and watermelon fourths--also known as fractions--with this simple worksheet.

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