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Betsy Ross

Who is Betsy Ross? Teach your child about the creator of the American flag, and have fun coloring with this historical worksheet!

Postal Abbreviations Map: Make It Short!

Kids use the U.S. map on this third grade geography and social studies worksheet to find and identify the postal abbreviation for each of the 50 states.

Color the Continents: North America

A great way to introduce your child to continents is to start with North America. Color in the continent and the animals living on it.

North America Coloring Page

Get started on geography with this pretty coloring page that shows off native North American wildlife, too!

Washington, D.C.

Kids learn about our nation's capital with this fun worksheet that teaches them geography, history, and the interesting reason why D.C. was never made a state.

Map the States: State Abbreviations

Here's a geography challenge for your fifth grader: can she label the map of the United States with the correct state abbreviations?

What's in a Flag?

Kids learn about state flags by researching and sketching the California state flag and a flag of their choice in this fun worksheet.

Making Inferences

Help your child read deeper into a story by having him practice making inferences about what happened.

Listening Quiz

Help your student prepare for standardized testing with a listening quiz.


Help your budding geologist learn about these common landforms in this worksheet on peninsulas and capes.

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