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September activities
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Phonics Review: Silent Letters

Give your child's reading fluency a boost by practicing reading words with silent letters.

Adjectives and Nouns: Happy Birthday

On this birthday-themed second grade reading worksheet, kids circle the adjectives and underline the nouns.

Words With Long "I" Sound

Searching for a worksheet that practices phonics? This second grade printable focuses on the long "i" sound.

Phonics Review: More Silent Letters

Help your second grader remember words with tricky silent letters with this phonics worksheet.

Phonics Review: Digraph ph

Practice reading tricky "ph" words with your second grader with this helpful worksheet.

Practice Reading Vowel Digraphs: ea

Improve your second grader's reading fluency by helping her practice reading and recognizing ea words.

Phonics Fun: Ar and Or Words

Focusing on the letter blends ar and or, this worksheet helps build your child's repertoire of letter and sound combinations.

Phonics Fun: Silent Gh

This Gh worksheet helps your child practice phonics and silent letters. Practice reading and writing tricky Gh words with this Gh worksheet.

Practice Reading Vowel Diphthongs: ow

Help your second grader master sounding out and reading "ow" words like cow and towel.

Opposites! Practicing Antonyms

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with antonyms? This printable will help him with his vocabulary skills.

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