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Reading Roundup: Find the Nouns #1

Give your child's grammar a boost with this 2nd grade reading worksheet that offers practice in separating nouns from other parts of speech.

Homophones: Sail for Sale

Learning homophones helps kids build vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling skills. Our homophones worksheet helps kids learn words like "sail" and "sale."

Scrambled Sentences: Radical Robots

Here are some radical robots that need your help. Their sentences are completely scrambled! Can your child make these silly sentences make sense?

Question or Statement?

Knowing the difference between a question and a statement can even trip up adults!

Story Comprehension: What Happens Next?

Kids read a story about a puppy, then finish it by writing what they think will happen next.

Reading Roundup: Find the Verbs #1

Kids circle all the verbs on the page to help them understand this important part of speech in this 2nd grade reading worksheet.

Scrambled Sentences: Fruit Fun

These fruity sentences are all mixed up! Can your child use her grammar skills to put all the words in the right order?

Hysterical Hyperboles

Give your child hyperbole practice with this fun worksheet. She'll need use her imagination to finish each sentence with a fun hyperbole.

Creative Writing: Hidden Door

Does your child have a wild imagination? Give him a fun outlet with a creative writing prompt! This one asks him to imagine a hidden door he's discovered.

Make Words

Make 1st grade vocabulary easy and fun with this worksheet focusing on beginning and ending sounds.

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