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Number Puzzle
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Number Puzzle: "3"

Here's a puzzle that can help put your little one ahead in math! She'll form a number "3" out of these colorful cut-outs.

Number Puzzle: "5"

Can your little counter create a number "5" out of these colorful puzzle shapes? Help her get a handle on counting with this cut-out project.

Number Puzzle: "6"

Here's a fun puzzle that can help build basic math skills! Kids can cut out these shapes and rearrange them to show the number "6".

Number Puzzle: "0"

The number "0" and the letter "O" look a lot alike! Help your beginning writer with her number recognition with this fun puzzle.

Number Puzzle: "8"

Hone counting skills with a fun number puzzle! Your child will rearrange these semi-circle shapes to create the number "8".

Number Puzzle: "7"

How do you write a number "7"? Beginning counters can build their math skills with a fun number puzzle.

Number Puzzle: "4"

Help beginning counters learn to identify their numbers with this fun number puzzle. Can you create the number 4 out of these shapes?

Number Puzzle: "2"

Mini math maniacs can get a head start on counting and numbers with this fun number puzzle! Form a number "2" from these cut-out shapes.

Number Puzzle: "1"

Give your little counter a head start on her numbers! This number puzzle will make up the number "1" when put together correctly.

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