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Capillary Action: It's Flower Power!

Dye a flower! This preschool science activity is an inventive and colorful way to introduce your child to the physics and biology of capillary action.

How to Make a Weathervane

Learn how to make a weathervane with this fun and simple meteorology project for 4th grade.

Celebrate Capillary Action with Celery

It's easy to observe the amazing process of capillary action, in action. Show your child how it works with some food coloring and a stick of celery.

DIY Pinwheels

The pinwheel is a simple toy that has been around for years and uses the wonders of the wind to spin it and delight kids of all ages!

Make Your Own Marshmallows

Make your own marshmallows and mix up some very interesting third grade chemistry lessons while you're at it!

How to Make an Anemometer

Learn how to make an anemometer with step-by-step instructions in this cool science fair project idea for 4th grade.


Discover the force of water! This article provides step-by-step instructions for creating your own science experiment.

Find Out Why Leaves Change Color

With this hands-on activity, you'll show how fall colors are hidden in the leaf all year long!

Make a Water Magnifier!

Here's an interesting activity that will enable your child to make his own magnifier out of a drop of water

Yeast Science: Can Yeast Inflate a Balloon?

This experiment will introduce your child to the concept that carbon dioxide is produced by yeast, and that sugars best feed the yeast, using balloons.

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