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Cool Math

I hate flash cards. So does my son. These fun card games teach math facts for...

Presidential Party!

Fun worksheets and activities that will have your fifth grader wanting to lea...

Creative crafts/experiments for older kids

Even though I'm an adult these things look crazy fun!

Cute Explosion!

I have a weakness for cute animals. These are the coloring pages that make me...

OMG, Origami!

I love origami! These ones are pretty simple, and fun to do with your kids. T...

Gross Body Stuff!

No giggling!

Play with Your Food!

Kids (and adults!) love playing with their food, and these silly snacks are d...

I Did It! Learning How to Read

Fun resources for helping kids learn how to read. We're on "The Giving Tree" ...

Under the Sea!

Under the Sea themed activities and worksheets worthy of King Triton himself....

Dinosaur Coloring

These dinosaur coloring sheets will have your kids build their drawing skills...