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Gross Body Stuff!

No giggling!

Fairy tales

Hi. This is my set of worksheets and coloring pages related to learning about...

Teach Kids How to Draw

I've collected some of the most fun and engaging activities that are helping ...

Presidential Party!

Fun worksheets and activities that will have your fifth grader wanting to lea...

Play with Clay: Recipes & Activities

I was obsessed with clay as a kid, and I still am. These fun activities and r...

Pirate Time!

All pirates, all the time.

Quick Crafts: 7 Days of Crafting with Kids

A craft a day keeps my kids at bay, but I'm no crafter really. Here are a bun...

Creepy Crawly Activities for Kids Who Love Bugs

What kid doesn't love bugs? I can't wait to try these with my nephew!

For the Love of California

This is my home state, I love it and I want you to love it too! These workshe...

Christmas Activities

Great christmas activities for the classroom

Celebrate Mark Twain!

Fun printables and activities to help kids appreciate the legendary author Ma...

Winter Activities

Great winter activities for the classroom

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