Math Games

Fun math games are the trick for making a difficult subject become second nature for kids. Try our free math games for kids to build skills in counting, number recognition, shapes, addition, and subtraction. These free math games are just a sample of the offering in our comprehensive online games program, Brainzy. Start a 7-day free trial for even more games, plus cool teaching videos, e-storybooks, and progress tracking.

Preschool Math Games

Featuring brand new math games from the updated Brainzy program!

In this free-form exercise, kids can place pretty items in a patterned sequence.
Kids get involved in this interactive story by counting the critter's items.
No wrong answers — just creativity! Kids use shapes to create mosaic designs.
One of these things doesn't belong, and your preschooler will find it!

Kindergarten Math Games

Your kid can practice counting and number sense by making pizzas. Yum!
Your kid compares numbers while shredding the mountain in this fun skiing game.
Your kid will hunt for shapes in this chaotic summer swimming pool scene.
Your kid will practice addition by using number pairs to fill a staircase.

First Grade Math Games

Featuring brand new math games from the updated Brainzy program!

Only your kid's addition skills can help Secret Agent Floyd defeat the evil El Gato.
To practice place value, kids bake chocolate squares in increments of tens and ones.
Kids compare objects by their length and height to place them in the correct order.
The alligators are hungry for numbers, and kids use number skills to feed them.
Is today the day your child leaps ahead in math?
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