Math Games

Fun math games are the trick for making a difficult subject become second nature for kids. Try our free math games for kids to build skills in counting, number recognition, shapes, addition, and subtraction. These free math games are just a sample of the offering in our comprehensive online games program, Brainzy. Start a 7-day free trial for even more games, plus cool teaching videos, e-storybooks, and progress tracking.

Preschool Math Games

Featuring brand new math games from the updated Brainzy program!

Help your kid hone critical categorization skills in this delicious sorting game.
Kids must find shapes hidden in the museum in this interactive math game.
Pig, cat, pig, cat ... children work on patterning skills with this interactive story.
Have your kid karate chop her way to mastering the numbers 1 through 10.

Kindergarten Math Games

Go for the gold! Kids get practice with basic shapes in this fun, fast-paced ski race.
Kids practice measurement with comparison vocabulary at the Big Top.
It's a number congo line! Kids flex cognitive skills and learn numbers with this puzzle.
Add it up! Kids must use mental addition to match each equation to its answer.

First Grade Math Games

Featuring brand new math games from the updated Brainzy program!

Kids must count up tens and ones to identify the number in this place value game.
Which shape has three sides? Kids identify shapes based on attributes.
What does the clock say? Kids must tell time to the hour and half-hour.
Children chop through boards in numerical order in this fast-paced counting game.
Stories, songs, and games that make math fun.
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