First Grade Math Games

First grade math games make it tons of fun to practice addition, subtraction, shapes, and number sense. Try the math games for first grade here as a free sample of our comprehensive learning program, Brainzy, which includes many more interactive online math games. Don't miss our four brand new games from the Brainzy program!

Time to race! Kids must identify items based on measurement vocabulary.
Kids sharpen mental addition skills with this silly construction math game.
Kids learn to master telling time with analog clocks in this matching game.
Pass the peas! Kids identify two-digit numbers based on tens and ones.
Kids must help Cuz-Cuz and Birdee read bar graphs in this colorful data game.
Kids practice comparing numbers from 50 to 99 with alligators at the swamp.
Help Agent 00K9 defeat the evil El Gato in this subtraction number line game.
Kids find numbers with tens and ones in this place value game show!
Children chop through boards in numerical order in this fast-paced counting game.
Which shape has three sides? Kids identify shapes based on attributes.
What does the clock say? Kids must tell time to the hour and half-hour.
Kids must count up tens and ones to identify the number in this place value game.
Your child must look closely to find the shapes hidden in this picture!
Mama mia! Kids must use subtraction skills to craft perfect pizzas in this game.
Help kids build place value understanding by fixing this machine with tens and ones.
Kids compare subtraction equations and numbers to feed the gators in this game.
Only your kid's addition skills can help Secret Agent Floyd defeat the evil El Gato.
Kids click on bubbles that add up to 10 to try to keep the bubbles from overflowing.
To practice place value, kids bake chocolate squares in increments of tens and ones.
Kids quickly solve single-digit subtraction problems in this ski race game.
Add a tricky twist to measurement math drills with this fun set of riddles.
Kids add buildings to the cityscape using tens and ones blocks.
The alligators are hungry for numbers, and kids use number skills to feed them.
Kids use their skip counting skills to find the mystery numbers on a game show.
For a leisurely geometry lesson, let your kid relax and read this charming storybook.
Your kid will try to make the highest number possible to win doggie bones.
Kids compare objects by their length and height to place them in the correct order.
Kids move tangrams into the correct positions to create a target shape.

First Grade Math Worksheets

Need more first grade math practice? Help is on the way! Print out these first grade math games that practice key skills, like number recognition and simple addition, but also make math fun.

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