Kindergarten Math Games

Kindergarten math games are great for teaching number sense, addition, subtraction, patterns, and shapes to kids in a way that's fun! Our online learning program, Brainzy, has many math games for kindergarten. Try out the free kindergarten math games offered here to see if Brainzy is for you.

Your kid compares numbers while shredding the mountain in this fun skiing game.
Your kid will practice addition by using number pairs to fill a staircase.
Your kid will identify quantities as fast as possible to serve hungry customers.
Floyd is thinking of a number, and kids use a number line to find out what it is.
Your kid will hunt for shapes in this chaotic summer swimming pool scene.
Your kid can practice counting and number sense by making pizzas. Yum!
Kids sort items according to color and determine which number of items is greater.
Your kid will examine this zoo scene and find all the objects that don't belong.
Your kid will add the right number of eggs to the nest to practice addition facts.
Your kid represents addition facts with objects by counting Roly's hats.
Kids practice recognizing patterns with Floyd's fun patterns quiz.
Your kid works on subtraction skills by taking jewels from the treasure chest.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Toss, flip, and hop your way to math mastery with our collection of printable kindergarten math games, a perfect way to follow up a Brainzy game. Count squares and match shapes for quick and easy math practice.

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