Reading Games

Reading games for kids make learning to read even more fun! Play our free reading games online to sample our comprehensive learning games program, Brainzy — and if you like what you see, start a risk-free 7-day trial. Get the fun started with these alphabet games, phonics games, sight word games, reading comprehension games, and more! 

Preschool Reading Games

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Kids learn about different jobs and how people help their communities in this quiz.
Help kids hone deductive reasoning skills in this search for a missing animal.
Bat ... cat! In this rhyming card game, kids must match each pair of rhyming pictures.
Your kid controls the adventure in this lovable interactive e-storybook!

Kindergarten Reading Games

Kids hit the skies to find lowercase letters in the clouds with Tutu.
Your child helps the school bus along its route by spelling three-letter words.
Your kid matches rhyming words to activate Muggo's friend-making machine.
Kids use Officer Ice Cream's X-ray camera to find all the lowercase letters.

First Grade Reading Games

Kids can get in the groove and play sight word beats in the correct order.
Roly is hungry! Your kid feeds him by spelling short A words.
Kids click on mud piles that have the short O sound in them.
Kids can practice with the short A sound in this reading comprehension game.
Inspire wonder at story time.
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