First Grade Reading Games

First grade reading games teach valuable lessons like vowel sounds, sight words, reading comprehension, and spelling in a way that's fun for kids! Play these free reading games for first grade to sample the fun and educational value that's found in our online games program, Brainzy.

Kids help the bus get to school by spelling silent e words in this fun long vowel game.
Kids practice identifying pictures by blending sounds and making words.
Kids must read each sight word sentence carefully to match it to the picture.
Kids help demolish a building by identifying sight words in this engaging game.
Kids drop items into the correct backpack, according to their vowel sound.
Kids aim to freeze sunny sight words and help Officer Ice Cream beat the heat.
Kids find everything with a short A sound without seeing the words spelled out.
Your kid controls the adventure in this lovable interactive e-storybook!
Kids can practice with the short A sound in this reading comprehension game.
Roly is hungry! Your kid feeds him by spelling short A words.
Kids can get in the groove and play sight word beats in the correct order.
Kids fly in the sky and turn clouds into rainbows by clicking on the sight words.
Kids click on mud piles that have the short O sound in them.
In this fast-paced reading challenge, kids pop sight words balloons.
Early readers find pictures with the short O sound for phonics-building fun!
Kids choose between two sentences for the one that describes the picture.

First Grade Reading Worksheets

Need more reading practice for your first grader, but don’t have time to start a new round of Brainzy? Smash sight words and link letters with printable versions of our first grade reading games.

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