Kindergarten Reading Games

Kindergarten reading games are a fun way for kids to build valuable reading skills. Play these free reading games for kindergarten from our learning program, Brainzy. We cover all the essential topics: letters, letter sounds, reading comprehension, sight words, and spelling.

Your child helps the school bus along its route by spelling three-letter words.
Your kid controls the adventure in this lovable interactive e-storybook!
In this educational take on the old card game, kids match sight words.
Kids hit the skies to find lowercase letters in the clouds with Tutu.
Kids get language practice by dragging and dropping cards next to their opposites.
Kids sound out short vowels and drop objects into the correct backpacks.
Kids use Officer Ice Cream's X-ray camera to find all the lowercase letters.
Kids listen to clues and click the mud puddle with the correct uppercase letter.
Your kid matches rhyming words to activate Muggo's friend-making machine.
Kids pop balloons with beginning letter sounds for fast-paced phonics fun!
This beautiful e-storybook version brings the classic tale back to life.
Roly loves his cat food, and your child needs to feed him by spelling short A words.

Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Want more game time fun? Take the learning offline with these printable reading games for kindergarteners. Featuring rhymes, vowels, and sight words galore, these printable games are good old-fashioned fun.

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